Thursday, June 9, 2011

Strawberry Lemon Bars

A delicious summery treat!

Last night Ryo and I went to an elementary school teacher's retirement party.  She was quite an amazing person so it was sad to see her go.  
When we arrived there had to be around 100 people; old classmates, parents, other teachers, all reminiscing about the years past while eating plates full of food (it was a potluck).  100 people, give or take 100.  Ryo approximated 200 people.  Clearly we are great estimators. 
Anyway, back to these bars.
I decided on lemon bars when I noticed the ridiculous Meyer lemons on my grandmother's tree.  I swear, one of them was the size of a grapefruit.  How does that happen?!  I wish I took a picture, but I was too stunned by their gargantuan size and forgot.  So just imagine HUGE yellow orbs.  

The recipe I used was from  You can find the recipe HERE.
I chose this one because it also uses strawberries which are so pretty and red.  Also, a farm sells some really delicious ones only a few minutes from our house.  See, I also like to promote local farmers and use seasonal ingredients.  It's not entirely about aesthetics.  
The only thing I might change next time I make these is the amount of strawberries the recipe calls for.  No Recipes uses 3/4 of a cup but I think a cup or a cup and a quarter would be even more awesome.  
The bars turned out pretty delicious--not too sweet but so fresh and lemony.  
Ryo and I chatted with a few of our old teachers and when we looked back at the tables of food, most of our lemon strawberry bars had vanished.  Mission accomplished.  


  1. Yummy! I want to make! ;-) I love reading your posts and looking at your pictures.

  2. Why thank you!! That makes me happy :D
    And you definitely should make them!