Friday, March 4, 2011

Greatest Cake Achievement

The Heaven and Hell Cake

Peanut butter mousse? Dark chocolate? Devil's food cake AND angel food cake?
I just couldn't leave this off the blog.
Plus, you have to love the name.

So here's the procedure: Layer devil's food cake, peanut butter mousse, and angel food cake.  Then repeat.

After layering, slather with ganache.

And devour.  In moderation.

I feel like a ton of pictures should suffice for this entry.
So just appreciate the food porn.  And if staring isn't enough, GO MAKE IT.  But preferably invite ALL of your friends.  Even the smallest sliver will knock you out.  
This is the perfect cake if you want something that both looks and tastes incredible.
It's hard to screw up when you mix peanut butter and chocolate.  Turns out, if you add fluffy layers of angel food cake with a hint of almond flavoring between them, something amazing happens.
The Heaven and Hell Cake.  Greatest cake achievement to date.

I used this recipe from Food o' del Mundo.  Whisk Kid also used the recipe and has some great pictures.
We pretty much followed the recipe exactly but reduced the coffee in the the devil's food cake by about half a cup because it made the batter too liquidy.

I made this cake for Ryo's birthday in January with Dylan.  I would definitely recommend making it with another person.  It's more fun that way and plus, it's an intense cake.  Also, licking all those bowls by yourself might not be the best for your health.

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