Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello fresh local produce!

So it's the day after Fourth of July which means...lots of leftovers!  Portobello mushroom burgers, potato salad, berry kuchen (we'll have to post the recipe later) and more, two days straight.  Here's a picture of our delicious fruit salad from last night.  The peaches and plums are from Aliki's Finest in Vacaville and the strawberries are from the local strawberry stand on Fruitvale.  When all the fruit is this delicious, there's no reason not to buy local.

Thanks to Tastespotting we discovered a new twist on deviled eggs that made for a nice appetizer while the portobellos and burgers were on the grill.  Add some sriracha!  The recipe we used was modified from a recipe on  Click here for the recipe.  We'd prefer it with a bit more sriracha but if you can't take the heat, this recipe is probably perfect.

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